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5 Minute Refreshers: Getting Back to Basics, Understanding what shooting in RAW means

Join Andre Costantini for a quick video tutorial about getting back to the basics, understanding what shooting in RAW means.

Erica Robinson heads to Oregon with her 17-35mm F/2.8-4 Di OSD to capture images at Thor's Well.

One Location, One Lesson, One Lens (ep 13) Photographer Erica Robinson heads to the beautiful state of Oregon with her 17-35mm F/2.8-4 Di OSD to capture images at Thor's Well.

Kurt Gardner in action with the NEW Tamron 28-200 F/2.8- 5.6 mirrorless

Photographer Kurt Gardner heads to The Adirondacks with the NEW Tamron 28-200 F/2.8- 5.6 mirrorless. On Sale Today June 25th!


Secrets of Architecture Photography | Tobi Shinobi

Award-winning photographer Tobi Shinobi shares his insights on architecture photography as he visits his favorite spots around Chicago. You'll get an intimate view of what his approach is when capturing urban landscapes and what goes on behind the lens.

Must-Know Vlogging Camera Settings & Tips | Miguel Quiles | Sony Alpha
Join Andre Costantini for a quick video tutorial about getting back to the basics, understanding what shooting in RAW means.

How To Preview Your Shots Using The View Finder | Miguel Quiles
On this episode of Alpha Quick Tips, Miguel Quiles shares one feature on Sony cameras that will make your portrait photography shoots better by saving time and instilling confidence in your models.

Sony a7S III Memory Card Guide with Miguel Quiles | Sony Alpha Universe
The a7S III has a lot of different memory card options you can choose from. Which is the right one for you and what settings you'll need? Find it out in this video with Miguel Quiles.

Night Photography Settings, Challenges and Advice | Rachel Jones Ross | Alpha Universe
Rachel Jones Ross teaches us about night photography settings, some of the challenges of night photography, and tips on how to overcome those challenges.

Add Color To Your Portraits Using Colored Gels | Miguel Quiles | Sony Alpha
In today's video, Miguel Quiles walks us through how to use this creative lighting photography idea using colored gels to add a bold, cinematic look to your portraits.

Super Easy Portrait Photography Composition Tip | Miguel Quiles | Sony Alpha Universe
Miguel Quiles shows us a simple portrait photography composition trick that you can use to take your portraits and headshots to the next level.

Miguel Quiles' Portrait Photography Studio Tour | Sony Alpha Universe
Portrait Photographer Miguel Quiles takes us on a tour of his new portrait photography studio in Florida and gives us tips on how to make the most of a space.


How To: Focus Stack Photography with Nikon

With focus stacking, you can combine multiple images taken at different focal planes to create an image that shows a greater depth of field than any of the individual source images. Interested in creating your own focus stacked image at home? Watch as we guide you through each step of setup and stacking available on our Z 6, Z 7, D850, and D780 cameras!

First Impressions of the Nikon D780 With Ryan TaylorAction sports photographer and cinematographer Ryan Taylor took the D780 to Chicago to test the HDR, autofocus, eye-detection AF, and other features of our latest DSLR to capture action at the peak moment. Watch now to learn more about the D780.

Nikon Z 6: ProRes RAW Video

With the Nikon Z series' RAW video output, now you can experience richer, more natural tones and greater flexibility in post-production color grading. See for yourself in our new video, recorded in ProRes RAW with the Nikon Z 6 and ATOMOS Ninja V monitor.

RAW vs. JPEG Tutorial

When shooting on a Nikon DSLR, you have options when it comes to image file formats. Watch to learn more about shooting RAW and the benefits of shooting this format!

0:03 / 0:49 Low Light Photography Tutorial

Challenging light? No problem! Watch our tips for creating images in low-light conditions.

0:01 / 0:17 Photographing Holiday Bokeh

We love using the Z 7 to photograph the sparkling lights with a soft bokeh effect during the holiday season. To create this dreamy effect in your photographs, try shooting with the lens wide open using the lowest aperture number available in Aperture Priority or Manual mode. Then, get very close to your subject. This combination of wide aperture and distance from subject to background make for shallower depth of field, creating the soft and out of focus area. How are you photographing the holidays?

Nikon Behind the Scenes: Packing for an Outdoor Shoot

Nikon Ambassador, Corey Rich gives us some insight into his gear of choice for a high altitude adventure, and how to get the best balance of versatility with the least weight.

Nikon Behind the Scenes: Romantic Portraits

Nikon Ambassador, Tamara Lackey shows us how to capture the true personality and love between a couple, through creative posing and lighting.


Canon Explorer of Light Challenge: Zak Noyle vs. Onne van der Wal

Watch as Canon Explorers of Light Zak Noyle and Onne van der Wal dive into this challenge and capture the motion of the ocean as they compete for the best image. Zak and Onne bring their own unique styles to the table, both using the Canon EOS R5 in @AquaTech housing.

Behind The Scenes: Awavena (ME20F-SH Ultra-Low Light Camera)

The challenge of shooting documentary footage at night in the jungle is that any lighting you may use will disrupt the activity of the creatures you're trying to capture. In the award-winning documentary Awavena, Director of Photography Greg Downing used Canon's ME20F-SH camera to showcase the remarkable fluorescent luminance of plants and insects in the Amazon. The project, which chronicles the Yawanawa tribe and its first ever female shaman, utilizes mixed reality to give viewers the experience of a vision quest. In this video, Downing describes how the incredible 4,500,000 ISO of the ME20 helped to create the stunning visuals to simulate a vision quest.

Seeing the Light with the Canon Speedlite EL-1 and Bob Davis

Watch Canon Explorer of Light, Bob Davis, as he uses the new Canon flagship Speedlite EL-1 flash in a number of situations to illustrate its many advanced features, including 14 f-stops of flash exposure range from 1/1 to 1/8192, to perfectly illuminate the scene and subjects.

Lensday Wednesday Featuring the Canon RF 70-200 F2.8 L IS USM Lens

Welcome back to another episode of Lensday Wednesday, where we showcase our fantastic lens lineup. In this episode, Professional Market Specialist, Calvin Pilliod Anderson, goes over the shortest, lightest 70-200mm f/2.8 telephoto zoom lens Canon has ever made, the RF 70-200 F2.8 L IS USM. Built for native use on R series cameras, this lens is a dream to use for both still photography and video production. The high image quality, extensive weather sealing, powerful image stabilization, outstanding focus performance in low light, and gorgeous bokeh make it a must-have lens for the EOS R series!

Improve Your Time with Canon Expert Rudy Winston

Watch as Canon Expert Rudy Winston explains how photography is the act of freezing time. Learn tips and tricks on how to fire the shutter at the right moment for the perfect photo.

Canon Explorer of Light Michele Celentano & the Versatility of the Canon RF85mm F2 Macro IS STM Lens

Whether you find yourself taking portraits indoors or outdoors, in a low-light situation, wanting to capture fine details of subjects close to you or even slightly further away, this sharp and versatile lens for Canon EOS R Series cameras will deliver. Learn more as Canon Explorer of Light Michele Celentano puts it to work to capture some amazing results.

The Magic of Shadows with Canon Expert Rudy Winston

Shadows define the shape, texture and depth of our photos. Watch as Canon Expert Rudy Winston uncovers how shadows are equally as important as light.

Learn To See Light with Canon Expert Rudy Winston

Light is one of the most important elements when it comes to good photography. Learn from Canon Expert, Rudy Winston, on how to observe light and how it impacts and interacts with different subjects.


Tips and Tricks: Correcting Your Composition

Composition is the arrangement of elements in your frame. But how do you arrange them in a way thats pleasing and relevant to your story? Join us as we walk you through some tips for correcting your composition.

Tips & Tricks: Psychology of Lens Choices

As a filmmaker, every lens you choose says something. It has an impact on your story and how it's conveyed. Join us as we take a look at the psychology of lens choices.

Why Jay Patel Uses Granduated Neutral Density (GND) Filters

oin Jay Patel of for a simple explanation of why using a Benro 100mm Graduated Neutral Density (GND) Filters can save you time and improve your landscape photography. You'll see real-world examples from one of the world's finest landscape photographers and photo educators applying their hard-earned knowledge of how to make the very best images in challenging, remote conditions.

Tips & Tricks - Humanize the Tripod

Filmmaker Patrick Moreau provides some tips on how giving subtle movements to your tripod during an interview creates a more human feeling for your audience, making it feel more natural and genuine.